Merits Hearing(S!!!)

A couple weeks ago, we found out that Baby Bear’s Merits Hearing will be in the middle of January.

I had no idea what a Merits Hearing was. So, I asked around, and our gracious caseworkers explained the idea to me. It’s the hearing where biological parents’ attorneys try to make a final case for reunification.

Right now, since Baby Bear hasn’t seen anyone in his biological family (except IttyBitty Bear) since October of last year. So, this hearing will probably (hopefully) be the final hearing to terminate parental rights and move Baby Bear’s case to adoption hearings.

Today, we found out that IttyBitty Bear also has a Merits Hearing… on the same day, same time, same room as Baby Bear. This surprised us. A lot. IttyBitty Bear will have been with us for a little over six months by the time middle-January comes around. Only 6 months! We have been waiting on Baby Bear’s last hearing for over a year now.

So, we are making plans to be in the courtroom on January 19th. Hopefully, soon after that time, we will head to the courtroom again for a final adoption hearing.

In the meantime, we continue to pray every night…

God, bless mama’s and papa’s, birth-mama’s and birth-papa’s, and adoptive-mama’s and adoptive-papa’s.

Soli Deo Gloria



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