A Good Day

IttyBitty Bear’s version: snuggle in Bear pajamas all day, carried at all waking moments, lots of friendly faces everywhere.

Baby Bear’s version: woke up, went on an adventure with the whole family, played with rocks, dirt, and friendly dogs, explored the grocery store with samples everywhere, came home to a long nap, woke up to go on another adventure with more dogs, dirt, balls, kids, and food everywhere, came home exhausted and ready for bed.

Mama and Papa Bears’ version: woke up to a chilly house, but decided to get food on the go early in the morning on the way to the Mobile Pet Clinic to get shots and flea/tick meds for Dekker, then heading for Central Market for some exploring. Then, home for naps, while Mama Bear went consignment shopping and Papa emptied the garage. As soon as the Bears woke up, we headed over to a friend’s house for brats, beer, cheese, and apple everything. Came home with exhausted bears who fell asleep without even a whimper. The rest of the evening was spent doing laundry, organizing the attack, and cleaning house. Now, we are all ready for bed!

Soli Deo Gloria


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