When Words Come

Lots of bits of news from the house of Bears over here.

First off, the mom-stuff. Baby Bear is using words!!! About three weeks ago, we started to hear him repeat the same noise patterns over and over again. We had no idea what he was saying, and usually he wasn’t even talking to us (his Owl is his therapist), so catching everything clearly was difficult. Since sending him to school, however, he has started to use far more words. 8 months ago, I was becoming frustrated alongside the little guy, because he desperately would scream at me to inform me of what he wanted. I couldn’t understand him, and then Sign Language finally clicked. Since then, his hands have been his primary communication tool. Even now, he asks for ‘milk’, ‘more’, ‘please’, ‘thankyou’, ‘Colonel’, ‘bird’, and ‘water’ with his hands. The past two weeks, however, we have begun to play the “what is Baby Bear saying” game. (‘Outside’, ‘Papa’, and ‘Dekker’ are some of the current favorites.) I’m sure it will get old eventually, but Papa Bear and I have been having a blast with it. What is even more interesting is how quickly Fuzzy Bear has been trying to speak and echo Baby Bear.

Speaking of Fuzzy Bear, he has a nasty cold with a runny nose and congestion, so I’m home with him today. We have watched a movie together, before he went down for his nap, and I started my mountain of grading. I dropped off Baby Bear and IttyBitty Bear at preschool this morning to make my life easier with Fuzzy Bear. (I see now why moms choose preschool or daycare or PDO to give themselves a break.) Hopefully, he will sleep better tonight, and we will be back to our normal schedule again.

Now, legal updates. I’ll do it by Bear.

Baby Bear: His most recent hearing was yesterday, and the judge terminated his biological mom’s rights. There was a technicality that has delayed terminating biological dad’s rights, but he has already said he doesn’t want anything to do with Baby Bear. So, we are one step closer to adoption, but there is still more waiting ahead.

Fuzzy Bear: In the past couple months, three separate home-studies have been submitted by various kin. Last week, we were told that two of these home-studies might be voided on a legal technicality. If this happens, only one other home-study will be considered. We can’t ‘intervene’ with a lawyer until Fuzzy Bear has been in our care for 12 months, which will be towards the end of next month. If we can keep him with us until then, we will be able to intervene if the judge decides to move Fuzzy Bear. We are praying for patience and wisdom, as these lawyers are not cheap, and we honestly want Fuzzy Bear to be in the best home possible. But we also VERY much want to adopt him.

IttyBitty Bear: This little ball of sass is rolling over, growing by leaps and bounds, and simply adores her brothers. But the light of her life is Papa Bear. Talk about a Daddy’s girl! Nothing is moving forward with her case until she is at least 9 months old, so we won’t get anything new on her until the Spring. If we can adopt Baby Bear before then, we will have greater legal standing for keeping our little princess, since they are siblings.

That’s it for now.

Soli Deo Gloria


One thought on “When Words Come

  1. You guys. Are so great. I’m always glad for these updates, and glad to see how the Lord is making you more and more into a reflection of Jesus through some really hard things—I’m glad we’ve been friends 🙂

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