Legal Updates

I’m a little behind in giving everyone an update, mostly because we have very little information ourselves. But here is what we know and allowed to share over media.

Baby Bear: He has been with us for almost 18 months now, and his next court date is next week. We are hoping that the judge will terminate parental rights, since Baby Bear has not seen any of his family members since October. If he does, then we will get a new adoption worker, and will hopefully move forward with adoption happening around February at the earliest. Of course, these are rather large contingency plans, so we aren not getting our hopes up.

Fuzzy Bear: Parental rights were terminated this past Spring, but the adoption process has stalled, as various extended family have stepped forward to claim him. The only details we know so far is that a couple of these home studies have already been rejected, but a few home studies have been approved. There are also a few appeals happening, which means the process is moving even slower. We have been advised to hire an attorney in case we have to “intercede” to try and keep our Fuzzy Bear. His adoption worker will be making his monthly visit tomorrow, where we will hopefully hear some good news. Please pray that God makes it clear to everyone (especially us), where Fuzzy Bear needs to be. Our case for interceding will be much stronger if we can keep Fuzzy Bear until the 25th of October, since that will be one year and a day since we took him into our care (when he was just under two weeks old). We have also been told that Fuzzy Bear’s mom might be expecting another child, but that she has left the state. It’s possible we might be asked to take in this child (if Bio-Mom is actually pregnant), but you never know.

Itty-Bitty Bear: She is growing like a weed and looks almost identical to her older brother. Her case is separate from Baby Bear’s, but no one has stepped forward yet to claim her. We are hoping that the adoption for Baby Bear proceeds quickly, since then we will have a strong case for keeping Itty Bitty Bear with us as well.

Overall, we are loving having our three little Bears, and have been overwhelmed with the goodness and generosity given to us by so many in our community. Despite the potential pain, God has truly called us and prepared us for life as foster-parents by surrounding us with so many loving, encouraging, and just-downright-helpful people.


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