a family of five in fifteen months

A couple days ago, Papa Bear and I were discussing how to pack for our trip to IN and PA (we leave this afternoon). We were trying to figure out how many items we would be carrying with us on the plane (two diaper bags and one carseat for Baby Bear), how many items would be checked at the front desk (the remaining two carseats and two suitcases), the double-stroller (checked at the gate), and baby carriers (the Ergo for Fuzzy Bear and the Ktan for Itty Bitty Bear).

Then Papa Bear made an interesting comment.

“We just have to realize that from now on, we are traveling as a family of five, not a family of two adults and one infant.”

So, of course, I responded, “Wow, we went from a family of two to a family of five in about 15 months.”

We had the privilege of attending several wonderful events on Saturday.

AM: Papa Bear took Baby Bear to the zoo to play in the water and see the hippo. I stayed home with the smallest bears to get some laundry done and other such things.

Afternoon: we attended the wedding of a lovely couple from our church.

PM: Our agency has started to offer free baby-sitting evenings once a month. So Papa Bear and I dropped off the Bears and headed out to get some school clothes shopping done, and eat some dinner together.

At the end of it, I asked Thomas if he felt like our lives were absolutely crazy because of having three small Bears. We agreed that life was much fuller, much busier, and could tip into crazy very quickly, but that it was all manageable.

I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s strength, and how He gives it to us.

Prayer: I can’t count how many times has motherhood brought me to my knees, in wonder and in fear.

Fellowship: Being with other Christians who support what we do, and love on us whenever they get the chance has been an incredibles encouragement. I’m not the only one loving my Bears, and I can rely on God to continue to put loving people in my path.

Worship: Hearing the Word of God preached, singing hymns, praying together, studying the Word together has reinforced a sense of both my smallness in a large community all with individual needs, and the incredible sacrifice Christ made to give salvation, redemption, and a body of believers like this.

Perhaps we are a little crazy for this. And, yes, there are MANY times A DAY when I see my own pride, anger, and selfishness all too clearly. But, this sort of crazy is our kind of crazy.


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