Three Little Bears Went Out One Day…

… when three adults were present to accompany them.

Yes, it’s official. We now have three little bears, and, even scarier, I’m a go-it-alone Mama Bear till Thursday night or Friday morning this week, and then again most of next week.

As I type, Bitty Bear (the new one) is sleeping in the travel bassinet in the living room. She’s probably tired out from waking up a few times in the middle of the night and insisting on eating only a couple ounces at a time.

Fuzzy Bear (the newly-inducted-middle-child) moans inconsolably in his crib. He has been tiring himself out more easily the past two weeks, but fights sleep with all his impressive force of will. He has also decided that he ought to be carried everywhere he could possibly desire. This means that crawling is not a priority for him: instead, he just lies on the floor and screams at me for whatever object/food/entertainment/comfort. Some of this is his tiredness speaking, and a lot of it is him adjusting to not being the adorable baby any more.

Baby Bear has his probably-empty-by-now cup of milk and is banging it against the walls of his crib. His Grammie brought a whole bunch of new books (Baby Lit versions of The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Secret Garden, etc.), and “reading” these to his Owl is his new favorite naptime activity. Papa Bear and I continue to be thrilled that at least one of the Bears has already latched on to reading. In fact, the only way to get Baby Bear to cuddle is to read with him. Fuzzy Bear is starting to latch on to the whole book idea, too. Unfortunately, the word “latch” can also be translated as “chew”, but we are working on that one.

Papa Bear is up at UD again. He has his Greek Final Exam tomorrow. We are trying to figure out if he should continue with Greek this semester. We are currently weighing the options: he may never get to study Greek again under such excellent teachers, and he could be very marketable as a Classics and Humanities Teacher rather than a Latin and Humanities Teacher. But, he knows what true mastery of a foreign language looks like (since he teaches a foreign language) and that true mastery requires dedicated time and effort, which he may not have much of in the coming year.

As Mama Bear, I am trying to prepare for the coming year, with part-time teaching every school day, and part-time day-care for the little Bears while I teach. We are hoping that adoptions will start coming along in the late fall, or Spring. Till then, we wait, hope, and pray.

More posts forth-coming, especially about our more recent adventures.

P.S. Just got permission to travel at the end of the month with Bitty Bear! Hurray!

Soli Deo Gloria


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