Bitty Bear or Chickadee?

We officially have our third placement! I currently can’t decide which nickname fits her best: Bitty Bear (since she is Baby Bear’s younger sibling, it seemed appropriate she share similar starting sounds) or Chickadee (because I can tell she is super feisty, and my super feisty Aunt always called her nieces and daughters that when we got super feisty). I figure I’ll give her a few days to grow into one. 😉

My MIL is currently visiting with us, and parenting three littles becomes much less daunting with three adults running around after them.

Thomas and his mom are both here until the fourth of July. Then, Independence Day shall truly be a test celebration of just how Independent I can be with three littles. God is good, though, and has already surrounded us with so much support.

Fuzzy Bear remains intensely curious about this newest addition to the family, and we have to monitor him carefully to make sure he doesn’t take his curiosity out on her face. Baby Bear loves to walk up and touch her clothes and try to steal her pacifier. She seems rather oblivious to their presence, but is not all too thrilled with the noise level they are capable of.

Papa Bear is thrilled to have a little girl, and she smiles most easily for him. Mama Bear loves having a little girl to dress up, and I can’t wait to see all the ways she resembles her older brother (she moves her fingers just like he did!).

More to come later. Thanks for the prayers!


3 thoughts on “Bitty Bear or Chickadee?

  1. So exciting! Baby girls are awesome. I’m feeling not very independent all on my own here so I am thankful for all the friends and family who are pitching in to keep the Miners alive. I’ll pray for you with your three!

  2. Speaking as a papa, yes, little daughters are a wonderful thing. God bless you guys! You are in my prayers, and please remember Stefan in yours.
    Your friend,

  3. I had been wondering if the littlest bear had joined you and wondering how I would ever know. 🙂
    So happy to hear that she is there! Praying for you.

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