Summer Projects

While Thomas learns another language (Greek) and takes two other grad school classes, I figure it’s only fair that I do some amazing things of my own.

Behold, my summer project list. And, yes, I will be enlisting help from local high-schoolers who need summer work, and from anyone else who is interested in helping out.

  • finish the last bits of mulching in my flower beds, and weed.
  • Tame the jungle that is our chicken coop.
  • scrub the wood floors of our house. This will take some research, because, apparently, not all wood-floor cleaners are created equally.
  • scrub down the inside and outside of our fridge
  • scrub down the bathrooms, top to bottom, and maybe replace the sinks.
  • update the journals for my little Bears.
  • Create individual binders for each child, and tackle the mass of paperwork that is foster-care
  • hang up our guitars where we can actually reach them!
  • re-string my guitar
  • get Dekker groomed
  • find an Ancient History Podcast that doesn’t take forever to move through…
  • since Thomas is gone, all of his tools and construction projects must find a new home in the garage, or else Baby Bear might find his own storage spaces for Papa Bear’s tools…
  • re-organize the cupboards so that storage makes sense.
  • get the mattresses switched
  • return new mattress (review to come later of Tuft and Needle – in short, we were not impressed)
  • clean up the master bedroom so it is ready for our newest Bear to sleep there
  • Get my Grandmother’s Hope Chest out of the garage, fixed, and in the master bedroom where it belongs
  • find paint swatches for second bathroom (fresh green), master bathroom (royal blue), library (reddish-brown), and kitchen (grey of some sort)
  • clean the window sills and the windows themselves, including the outside.
  • install locks on all of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • find a good way of storing coffee stuff
  • organize the attic space
  • hang pictures
  • pick up baskets for organizing various things throughout the house
  • get all of the carseat stuff into proper storage somewhere (besides my kitchen table)
  • figure out how to block the hole underneath our kitchen sink.
  • paint the bathroom

Of course, all of this happens while little Bears are in bed, or while other people are willing to come out and occupy the Bears, or do the work themselves.

I’ve also made myself a promise that I cannot watch amazing new shows or movies, and I will not listen to astounding podcasts, unless I am tackling one of these projects.

Hopefully, this will keep me on task when I do have the free time to work, and still give me plenty of time to focus on the Bears while they are awake.

And, it will pass the time until we are a family again.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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