Joy Comes With the Morning

A series of small victories this morning. But first, the difficulties…

Last night, we learned an incredibly valuable lesson in why all cupboard/cabinets must remained locked when a toddler is loose. For the past few months, we have always assumed it was to keep little hands from taking things OUT of the cabinet. No, folks. No. You lock up cabinets to keep other things from being placed INTO the cabinet. Like one single flip-flop. We spent about 2 hours yesterday scouring the house for Thomas’ flip-flop. Now we know. Little victories, folks.

Fuzzy Bear woke us up this morning around 5 AM. We have been working very hard to get this little guy to sleep later in the morning so that both babies wake up around the same time. He fell back asleep, but then woke up again around 7, began screaming immediately, which woke up Baby Bear. sigh.

So, we packed up the Bears and went to the zoo. This is where the victories began, folks. When we arrived, the front of the zoo was completely packed, and we were concerned that Baby Bear would have to stay in the stroller, instead of being allowed to run around and get his wiggles out. So, we decided to speed walk to the very back of the zoo where the petting zoo could be found and then work our way forward as the crowds moved towards us. Baby Bear was completely thrilled with the three pigs and the goats, and Fuzzy Bear squealed and kicked every time he saw an animal move (this is usually a sign of pleasure, so we took that as a win). We then walked by some of the large bird exhibits, because anything that looks like a duck, is large, and moves easily is always a hit with toddlers. I carried Fuzzy Bear in my arms the whole way back to the entrance, so he got to see everything with his typical enthusiasm.

We spent an hour at the zoo, and then came home to give the Bears a snack, a diaper change, and naps. Fuzzy Bear struggles with bowel movements, so we were thrilled to see that he had successfully filled a diaper. He then gulped down a bottle, fell asleep as he swallowed the last drop, and both Bears are now sleeping like champs.

Oh, and Thomas finished a huge chunk of his Evals before we left, and I now have a quiet chunk of time to work on my Evals while he helps a friend paint their new house.

Also, coffee. That is always a victory.

So, after a series of rough evenings, nap-less mornings, and wakeful nights, we are thankful that God gives us exactly what we need when we need it: including difficult days to help us appreciate the good ones.

Now, on to evals.


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