Counting Down

10 – more school/teaching days. This scares me a bit. Tests loom large on the horizon (equally scary for the students as for the teachers), and Evals dwarf any other task. I’m so thankful that Thomas has only for sections this year, and only two of those sections will be taking a final, so he can start writing the other two final-less sections right away. In fact, that is what he is doing right now. I’m supposed to be writing my evals… oops.

9 – more months until Spring Break, 2018. This is a big deal, because Thomas and I are talking about going to Monterey, CA again (this was our favorite vacation spot while we lived in Phoenix), or Bar Harbor, ME again (our other favorite vacation spot on the East Coast), or even Hawaii. And we think we would do this without any Bears with us… pending adoption decisions, finances, school work, etc. But I’m REALLY hopeful about this one!

8 – more weeks until I take the Bears up to Dallas to pick up Thomas from grad school for the last time, and we head out to our grand family vacation. This, of course, is pending approval from every person on the planet  all of the caseworkers, judges, etc. And we still don’t know if we will drive or fly, but we are so looking forward to a real trip as a family.

7 (-ish) – more weeks until our 6th anniversary. Which, by the way, is also a long weekend (tips to engaged couples- get married on a big holiday weekend! It means you always get long weekends from school and work right around your anniversary!), so Thomas will be home for 5 days!

6 – more days until we start hearing more news on various Bears’ cases. We are praying for patience, in the meantime.

5 – more boxes of books to unpack and find homes for. We are trying to figure out our vision for our Library. Mine includes matching shelves, tasteful hanging pictures, a desk, a chair, and a rug. Thomas’ vision includes an armchair, a rug, a desk, and any bookshelves that are good quality, regardless of color. We both want all of our books to be in one room (so that the Bears can’t get into all of our books via multiple open doors), and we want the space to be intentional and efficient. But we also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for book shelves.  It also needs to double-up as a guest bedroom, and eventually as another kid room (we don’t expect another placement any time soon, but we it’s better to be prepared). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

4 – more weeks until my mom is back in town again. She will be coming down to San Antonio to help me with the Bears before the four of us will travel to Dallas and then on to Indiana to take part in my grandmother’s memorial service and to see lots of family. I am already making a list of projects to finish around the house while she is here, mostly focused around our garden beds and meal prep. My goal is to keep the yard weed-free, and to finish the mulching, pruning, and watering she started until she arrives.

3 – weeks until the Bears and I drop off Thomas for his last summer in Grad School at UD. Luckily, we will see my family or Thomas and his mother (we call her Grammie) every weekend this summer except for one, so I’m not as concerned about handling the Bears alone. But it will be such a relief to know that this summer will be the last one we spend apart for a while.

2 – very tired boys who just can’t seem to handle the lack of immediate granting of wishes now that it’s just Thomas and I again. Fuzzy Bear whines within minutes of being placed on the floor, as if to say, “Hey, wait a minute, come back here! You’re supposed to hold me, applaud me when I roll over, and play with me CONSTANTLY. That’s what Omi, Colonel, and Aunt Rachel did!” Baby Bear will eat only if a fork and spoon are involved (a blessing for learning manners and getting him to eat, a difficulty when it requires constant one-on-one attention and supervision), and constantly plants himself against our back door, patting it and signing “please”, as if to say, “I am an outdoor creature. Where is my constant supervision so I can play outside as long as much as I like? That’s what happened when Omi, Colonel, and Aunt Rachel were here!”.

1 – whole week of having family in town is the best Mother’s Day gift I could have asked for.


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