Please Pray…

Hello, everyone! Just a quick prayer update, for anyone who reads this.

We have two important dates coming up next week.

17th – The next trial date for Baby Bear (the older one). We aren’t sure if anything will be decided at this hearing. Every 4 months, the people involved in the legal side of the cases must appear before the judge and give an update officially to everyone present. Usually, the only decision that comes out is “Proceed on course.” It’s possible that bigger decisions could happen, or that more news comes out that delays the proceedings entirely. Please pray for peace for us, and for wisdom for everyone involved, and that God’s plan would be made clear.

18th – This is the next hearing for Fuzzy Bear (the younger one), where parental rights should be terminated. We will then be given our adoption case-worker. After that, adoption usually takes about 3-6 months, so, it should fall around the little guy’s 1st birthday. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and according to God’s plan.

In other news, my mom and youngest sister are visiting, and we are all having a blast. The Bears love the attention, and my mom and sister have been huge blessings to all of us. They even scrubbed my kitchen floors while I was teaching yesterday!

We have big plans for today, and we are hoping the weather cooperates. Thanks for the prayers!


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