Dr. Appointments : Life Hacks?

Foster kids go to Dr. appointments a LOT. As in, every 2-3 months for the first two years, and Dentist visits (that last about 5 minutes each) every two months after 6 months old. And, with two littles about 6 months apart, we spend our fair share of time in waiting rooms. Here are a few lessons I’ve learned.

  • Strollers are a MUST! Having a space to confine the little angels while filling out paperwork makes the visit much easier.
  • Try to get both children done in the same visit. Many times, the official scheduler doesn’t like this, but I’ve found that Doctors are thrilled to get two visits done at once, rather than see the same family twice in a row.
  • Bring food. Lots of it! Formula, milk, apples, cheese, cheerios, treats, you name it, you bring it.
  • Schedule for either early in the morning, or right before nap time. Then, feed bottles to babies right before you leave, and then they nap home. Just don’t forget the formula.
  • Shots are nasty. But having pacifiers handy might help.


Fuzzy Bear had his shots this morning. The little guy was super happy with everything about the visit, because PEOPLE WERE LOOKING AT HIM!!! He even got to drink a whole bottle without even needing to ask for it (see advice above). And then, the shots. He turned red, and did his best ever silence-before-the-scream-as-he-draws-in-breath. He then screamed bloody murder at the poor nurse. Then, I picked him up, and he grinned and laughed and pulled all the stops on the charm.

I placed him in the stroller, and he proceeded to fall fast asleep.

Meanwhile, Baby Bear ate his way through three apple slices, four slices of cheese, and two large sippy cups of milk.

I’d say a successful visit. 😀


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