Little Goober

No, we don’t have a third one. (Though, that would be a GREAT NICKNAME!)

Earlier last week, I posted a little thing on facebook asking for help in encouraging Baby Bear to use sign language. He was becoming incredibly frustrated that we weren’t successfully reading his thoughts. I posted around 6 AM.

The boys slept till 10:30 AM.

Then they went back to sleep by 12:15 PM.

I had to wake them up to get to school on time around 2:30 PM.

They then insisted on another nap when we got home around 4:30 PM.

They woke up again around 6:30 PM, to eat and play a bit.

Both were asleep again by 7:30 PM.

The next day, Baby Bear started signing like he has been doing this sort of thing for months.

Since then, he has added “goodbye”, “more”, and “all done”. He is also thoroughly enjoying making roaring noises whenever I sign “lion”, and he will go find one of his bouncy balls when I sign for it.

Little Goober. 😀


4 thoughts on “Little Goober

    1. No kidding. Last time that sleeping thing happened, baby bear started crawling. I guess his frustration had to build and escalate and wear him out first. 😉

      1. For a while I was convinced a certain son of mine would NEVER sleep in his own bed or use the toilet… but li and behold, he now does both. Glory to God 🙂

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