The Hunt for Red October

No, I’m not talking about my desire for a season that ACTUALLY looks life fall. I’ve lived in the South for going on six autumnal seasons now. I’ve given up on that one. I’ll just wait for Thanksgiving to hit.

The title is actually in reference to a phenomenal movie starring Sean Connery. It’s about the end of the Cold War, with a Soviet captain (played by Connery) of a nuclear submarine who is trying to defect to the United States. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

Probably my favorite part of the entire film is the soundtrack: they have a Russian choir singing throughout the film, and it’s stunning.

I also own Finding Forrester, also starring Connery. I’d love to get recommendations on other films that he stars in. Any recommendations?

(I watch movies while folding laundry, scrubbing floors, washing dishes, or grading, so new films are always appreciated!)


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