All of My Favorite Things…

I realized lately that the last few posts have been rather mournful. Obviously, this makes sense, and I’m not going to deny the grief we feel as we draw closer to our goodbye’s.

But, there have been many wonderful moments the past few weeks. Unfortunately, it’s harder to document those events, for privacy reasons.

I will share a few, though. The details will be vague, but I want to share the joys, not just the sorrows.

  • Crawling opens up the whole world for discovery. Sitting up independently also makes exploring must more interesting and leisurely for very small people. It makes life more hectic for us adults, that’s for certain. We have a much greater incentive, these days, to keep our house fairly neat.
  • Applause and praise, especially from me, has become an incentive. This has become rather hilarious of late, as applause is expected on a regular basis, and if I don’t provide it, then I will hear some moans and groans from our little bundle.
  • When you are the same size as the family pet, and the family pet remains convinced that you are small, but very high up on the food chain, then small dogs become HIGHLY entertaining.
  • Grocery store trips are high adventures. Sitting in the cart, with so many people smiling, and so many colors, just makes everything THAT much more exciting.
  • But most of all, the look on his little face when he is tired, hungry, or fussy and just wants to snuggle me. While my arms may tire, that hopeful and affectionate little smile will always warm my heart.

Thank you for your prayers. And give the little ones in your life an extra hug today.


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