Rainy Day Musings

The forecast said about 15% chance of rain… It’s been raining all morning.

So here are a few random thoughts in no particular order about our little corner of the world.

  • I love making seating charts for my students. It’s one of the easiest PRACTICAL sides of teaching. All it takes is time and a quick drawing, and about a minute per student to consider their needs, strengths, weaknesses, and all of the variables of the geography of a classroom.
  • The weather is cooling off here in San Antonio. No, I don’t think Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are quite necessary, at least, not the hot ones. But it’s enjoyable to sit outside in the mornings. We’ve been waiting a long time for this temperature drop.
  • Naptimes are tricky little buggers…
  • We are in the midst of trying to convince our little one that food is tasty OUTSIDE of the bottle, not just INSIDE the bottle. No luck so far. So, we are mixing baby-food, formula, and baby-cereal in various ratios to give him the nutrients he needs to grow, without going through tons of formula, and no baby-food.
  • Working out is far more fun in a gym with real people. But running is still amazing, if you can get the right music. Unfortunately, I have used up almost all of my allotted data for the past 30 days, so I can’t play music easily on the go. So I’m more dependent on gym times, nap times, and school times coinciding perfectly to go to our local Crossfit.
  • Phones. Ugh! My phone will NOT connect to bluetooth or wifi without completing a long complicated restart process… every… single… time! I want to replace it, but I feel like if a phone is still working perfectly as a PHONE and not a COMPUTER, then I’m being silly to replace it… And we use Republic, so I can’t get help consistently to figure out my phone’s problem..
  • I would love excel spreadsheets… if I could only figure out how to do the basic steps without calling on the all-knowing Google every five minutes..
  • Business in the fashion industry is fun. It keeps me on my toes. I’m announcing a new stage in my business tomorrow, and I’m excited to try it out. Over the next three months.

That is all for now. Naptime is not cooperating right now. Hopefully a more thoughtful post will be forthcoming.



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