Adulting 101… as if I know anything…

List of all of the grown-up things I’m doing today.

  1. The most difficult of all… I’ve talked on the phone 3 TIMES! None of those people were my mom, my sisters, or an aunt. I hate talking on the phone, so this is big, folks. Very big!
  2. Balanced a checkbook… kind of… TOO MANY BANK STATEMENTS makes this task thoroughly difficult. Especially when a small business, foster-care, and paychecks are involved… I’ll need Thomas’ help on this one to make sure I did it correctly.
  3. Stuck with my BuJo. I’m having a lot of fun with this. Space for tasks, habits, reminders, lesson plans, and notes, all with plenty of space for doodling! (does doodling make this less of an adult task? I don’t know, and I don’t care.)
  4. Lesson planned. I’m back to teaching part-time again. (As my headmaster said, “I just knew you couldn’t stay out of the classroom for long!”) I’m teaching 28 students from 7th-10th grades. The subject? Latin I. This is a first for almost every single person in that room!
  5. Held a small sale on my facebook page for my small business, and tracked all of the orders, and got everything done today.
  6. Opened a real website page for the same small business. (Shameless plug for my business. Check it out here!
  7. Laundry! Need I say more.
  8. Planned meals for the week. Because consuming large amounts of food is apparently a spiritual gift around here.
  9. Read a book that was NOT a board book. I’m working through Pinocchio and My Antonio right now. Thomas is reading aloud Beyond the Desert Gate, but I’m not allowed to read it alone while he is at school.
  10. Set up a play date for tomorrow. For my child. Not for me. Though tea/coffee will be involved, so I guess it’s kind of a play-date for me…

What are you doing today to pretend that you are an adult?


One thought on “Adulting 101… as if I know anything…

  1. I started a BuJo too! I think it’s helping…
    What do I do… Laundry, clean floors, set up medical appointments, make food, host people, break up fights, hold baby all.the.time…

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