We have internet!

Lo, and Behold! We have made the jump into the internebular world, and have found that it hasn’t changed much. This could spell trouble, as we really didn’t like the distractions that google, facebook, and drudge afforded our little family five years ago. While the .com world hasn’t changed, we hope to say with confidence, “WE have changed.”

Because, goodness gracious, our situation certainly has changed a bit!

Foster parenting is well underway, and we are thoroughly enjoying every minute of it (yes, even those 2:00 AM feedings). Now that we have a little person, we have found that a connection to our families back East has become even more of a priority. Yesterday, we video chatted with my parents and my husband’s folks, and they got to see our little family. It was so refreshing to actually SEE family, especially those that I don’t talk with all that often. (Side note: The not talking thing is mostly my fault. I don’t like talking on the phone. Sorry to my siblings, though I’m pretty sure we feel the same way about it.)

Alongside the fun parts of foster-parenting, we also needed a more consistent way to stay connected with case workers, managers, doctors, etc., and my little phone just wasn’t cutting it. Cue, internet.

I have started up two part-time jobs that are amazingly flexible and personally interesting. I do a bit of curriculum work for the school system my husband works for, editing course documents. I also started up a part-time jewelry business. Both of these occupations required communication via email and/or facebook.

Finally, my husband is starting Grad School this summer at University of Dallas, where he will be getting a Masters in Humanities with a concentration in Classical Education. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am so proud of his decision to take this next step in his education and vocation. Unfortunately, this means that he will spend 5 weeks of the next two summers 5 hours away, and plenty of time in the coming school year reading books, taking online classes, and writing papers. We figured that internet would allow us to SEE each other on a regular basis while he is away, and for him to spend more time at home, rather than making excursions to coffee shops whenever we needed internet.

So, we have internet. This means that I can spend more time video chatting people, sending emails, updating the blog (BOOK REVIEWS!!!), and working on my business during my down time. (Yes, I know this time will only last as long as nap-time does. But I’ll take what I can get.) If you want to catch up, let me know!


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