Respite Care

Taking care of a little boy has taught me a lot. He is affectionate, curious, hungry, cheerful, happy, and easy going, so I am sure I’m getting the easy end of parenting. We have spent a lot of time outside on long walks, which seems to wear him out just as well as chasing our little dog around. He slept straight through Monday night, and took an excellent nap yesterday. But last night/this morning was not so easy. It appears to be due to allergies or a cold that is making the little guy super uncomfortable. Hopefully he will sleep in again and take a good nap.

Otherwise, nothing to report, except that I have taken more than 42,000 steps in two days… Normally, I take about 25-30,000.

Prayers appreciated, as we are going to a foster-to-adopt event on Thursday where files of available children will be open for foster parents to look at. Pray for God’s will to be done and be made clear.



3 thoughts on “Respite Care

  1. So exciting! And I hear you on the rough nights… With both boys coughing (okay, I am also sick, it’s not just them) there has been very little sleep around here.

  2. Praying for you! Everything from colds to transitions effect little ones’ sleep…I hope he gets settled into a routine pretty soon for you.
    And ha ha, yes, you will spend a lot of time on your feet. 🙂

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