Foster Update: Inspections!

Today is our Fire Inspection! We are hoping the Inspector will give us plenty of heads up before he arrives so that Thomas or I can scurry home to unlock the doors. According to the paperwork, if we are not home, then we automatically fail the Inspection. I’m not sure how many second chances we get before we have to pay the fee again, but we would sure like to avoid any rescheduling.

Last night, to prepare for our special guest, I spent the evening cleaning out the house and frantically rechecking our list to make sure everything was “just so”. Poor Thomas came home with a migraine, and had to return to school for the Winter Concert. By the time he had finished dinner and was about to leave, he felt much better, but the house was in no condition to share with the outside world. So, I put on some upbeat music (Pentatonix, in case you were wondering), some comfy clothes, and rolled up my sleeves and got to work. By the time Thomas returned, I had cleaned the bathroom, organized the closet, swept and vacuumed the house, and completely forgot to eat dinner. Thomas returned from a successful concert, and he dived right in to help me finish up the kitchen, the kitchen table, the desk, the side table, the floors, and the bedroom. (I learned that two pairs are hands truly are better than one.) We went to bed exhausted, and praying for an easy Inspection.

On Friday, we have our Health Inspection. We have been told that this is the harder of the two inspections to pass. So, we will spend our evenings tonight, Wednesday, and Thursday night figuring out our double-lock system (for locking up medications and weapons), storage of harsh chemicals, cleaning out anything that looks dirty, and making a few Goodwill runs.

This is all happening during the last week of school before Winter Break. We fly out of Dallas late Saturday night to Phoenix to see two dear friends “plight their troth”, and then back to Dallas to spend Christmas Eve – new Years with my family. Then, back to our lovely Texas Town to finish off the semester with two more weeks of school and hopefully have our Final Walk Through.

We have no idea when we will be placed with a child. All we know is that nothing can happen until all of the paperwork, inspections, and final walk-through are completed. The child is in God’s hands, and He will provide in His good time.

We are so excited for these next few weeks, and earnestly ask for prayers for peace and perseverance in the days and weeks to come.


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