Gratias Tibi

I thank God for…
10. A job that I love near(-ish) to family.
9. A job that lets me travel during holidays and summer breaks.
8. For the blessing of knowing all of my grandparents and having a few years to know Thomas’ grandfather, and to be a part of his memorial service yesterday.
7. For the amazing travels we have had throughout 2015, from Tennessee, Maine, New York, Indiana, and everywhere in between.
6. For amazing friends in Phoenix who can talk with us as if we saw them only yesterday.
5. For a church that has consistently shown God’s love and grace to us in all the big and small things.
4. For the opportunity to become foster parents (hopefully will happen in Mid January).
3. For my family in IN and Thomas’ family in PA and NY who love us.
2. A husband who loves and leads our little family so well.
1. A God who loves me and sent His Son to save the lost.

How about you?


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