Book Review: The Lord’s Prayer, illustrated by Tasha Tudor

This past weekend, we went through another round of foster training. Originally, we were supposed to be in training from 9-5 all of Saturday and Sunday with 5 other people. Due to the rain, however, only one other trainee showed up besides Thomas and I, and we sped through everything so quickly that we finished everything by 6:00 on Saturday.

That meant several glorious things…

  1. We had time on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon to get school work and housework finished.
  2. We were able to have some teacher friends over for a Grammar pow-wow on Saturday without worrying about getting things ready for Sunday.
  3. We were able to get through the training so quickly and efficiently, which makes it easier to be less stressed about it.
  4. Most importantly: We went to church on Sunday in the morning as well as the evening.

I know, that last one sounds uber-religious. Quite honestly, Thomas and I are not puritanical legalists when it comes to church attendance (or anything, for that matter). We don’t attend church twice on Sundays to feel more religious, or superior, or to gain an excuse for why work might not get done on Sunday. We go to church twice because that is the most restful and relaxing place to end a week and gear up for the next one.

We have been working through different pieces of the Old Testament in Sunday School, Church, and Evening Service, which has been so fascinating and uplifting. As a fellow (and far more consistent and articulate) blogger said here, there is something comforting and powerful about watching the Israelites on their treck through the wilderness, or Joseph paying for the sins of his fathers, but still coming out filled with the blessings of God, or the Psalms filled with God’s sovereignty without losing sight of real life.

The Old Testament is in the New revealed, and the New is in the old concealed.

And that, friends, is one reason why I love the Lord’s Prayer.

(Side note… I didn’t actually discover the beauty of the Lord’s Prayer until after I studied it in Greek. Holy cow, folks, it’s POETRY! Thank you, high school teachers for walking us through that one.)

And here, folks, is one of the most beautiful versions I have ever seen of the Lord’s prayer for children. Tasha Tudor was one of the great illustrators in bygone years, and her works are all over the place. In  Give Us This Day, Tudor provides a breathtaking illustration for each short phrase in the prayer, often including children, animals, and flowers. And, yes, she makes the picture match the phrase, even for “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Lord's Prayer, illustrations by Tasha Tudor
The Lord’s Prayer, illustrations by Tasha Tudor
Give Us This Day, illustrated by Tasha Tudor
Give Us This Day, illustrated by Tasha Tudor

So, if you are on the search for the Lord’s Prayer for children, or for yourself, keep your eyes peeled for this treasure.

Title: Give Us This Day

Illustrator: Tasha Tudor

Genre: Prayer and Picture Book

Age: 4-10 years old


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