Trying to clean up my life…

Instead of moving, we have a new goal.


Goodness, I have so much stuff and junk and treasures, and I’m absolutely petrified of trying to get through it all. But, we have a small apartment, and we want to have a little person living with us someday, which will probably mean additional stuff.

So, on the advice of a dear friend, we purchased The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and it is my at-home task to read through the book, digest it, and figure out how we can implement it.

Now, if any of you have ever met my husband and I, you know that there is one area that we are always complete opposites: cleaning up. I view organizing as stressful, necessary, and cathartic: in fact, I often feel like Eustace getting his dragon skin torn off whenever I have to do a mass purge. My husband is exactly the opposite. If the place is not clean, he can’t relax. In fact, he finds cleaning (or “putzing/efficienting” as we call it) relaxing in and of itself. This usually works well for us. I sit and hide the mess behind a book while he takes care of the mess itself.

But, even that glorious arrangement can keep up with us, apparently. We always have stuff on the floor, on the kitchen table, on the side table, on the bed, on the dressers, on the books on the shelves, in the sink, behind the couch… you get the idea.

And I am my mother’s child: I research and read everything I can about everything before I ever make a decision. So, I am reading ANOTHER book about tidying up. (I have also read Getting Things Done, and I found it very useful for keeping lists and filing papers. The current book is about tidying up my house and my classroom.

I admit, I am feeling like Eustace right now, just before the dragon skin comes off… Any advice, encouragement, or final goodbyes would be greatly appreciated. 😀


3 thoughts on “Trying to clean up my life…

  1. I’ve just downloaded The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up on my kindle. I’m intrigued. I’ve only read the prologue and I’m very cynical. Hoping to be proved wrong and have my life changed for the better as the author suggests is inevitable xx

  2. I am not very sentimental and so I LOVE throwing unnecessary things away. It’s a good challenge to ask yourself “really? do I need this? do I even like it?” We tend to own so many replicas: five black shirts! three ladles! seven baseball hats! So silly, and so much more work to keep track of and clean.

    And I love putting the essentials that remain into neat boxes/bins. They don’t stay there very long (thanks very much, toddler and mobile baby) but still… having things off of surfaces and onto shelves/in drawers clears my entire mind! I find it so hard to think straight or be peaceful in a cluttery home.

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