Hello, yarn folks!

Yes, I am making a desperate plea over the inter webs for advice.

For the rest of you, feel free to ignore this post.

Ok, to business.

My wonderful mother-in-law (we call her “mater”) has given me a few gift cards to WEBS for any crochet items my heart desires. This is absolutely wonderful, as I always feel a slight bit of guilt whenever I buy yarn.

I want to buy yarn that is soft, smooth, and easy to work with.

How do I normally buy yarn? BY FEELING IT, of course! What can you not do when buying yarn over the internet? You got it.

So, I need brand names and materials advice. Is silk always soft? Is cashmere always smooth?

I have no idea what I want to make yet. I’m thinking an afghan with for our couch, so it can’t be too bright, or Thomas will go bug-eyed every time he looks at it.

Maybe one like this

Or a vest like this

Or a lovely draped weather like this one

(Absolute Kudos to my old soprano buddy who managed to create every one of these items. Sweetheart, you inspire me. You also make me jealous. Finally, I miss you.)

I’m kind of tired of doing the same baby blanket patterns, the same shawl patterns, etc. I have lots of little projects I am working on, but I usually give those away or sell them.

This project, this yarn, this pattern, will be just for me. So I want something that I can use on a regular basis, but something that is different, challenging, and absolutely breathtaking to look at and feel.

Any thoughts?


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