We’re Moving!

Don’t worry, it’s not far. In fact, it’s closer to everything except church. And it’s only a few minutes added to our Sunday commute, so we don’t mind that at all.

We will be dwelling in a house-split-into-three- apartments, with a very large master bedroom, two bathrooms, a landing/office, and an extra bonus space that we will use for a guest/baby bedroom. it has a beautifully laid out first floor, washer and dryer on site, 11 ft ceilings on the downstairs, and beautiful natural light. In all, I’m excited. Hopefully, this will make foster/adoption much easier.

On that same note, we would appreciate your prayers. We start our official training tomorrow morning. We have some paper-work we still need to turn in, and some online training to complete. But we are on our way.

For those of you who are doing a double-take (“Wait, weren’t they doing an international adoption?”), we decided to go with domestic adoption, and to take the foster route because San Antonio has experienced a surge of infants placed into the foster system. There are other reasons, but those are ancillary to the real deal.

In short, we ask for your prayers both for our adoption/fostering and for our move (which has to take place over Labor Day weekend).

Thank you, so much, for your prayers, and I hope you have a glorious weekend!

P.S. I read an awesome chapter book last weekend. Review to come soon (hopefully).


3 thoughts on “We’re Moving!

  1. Hey, so now that I know you have a blog I’m going to post on it 🙂 Let me talk to Calvin but maybe we can come help you move! I’ll let you know

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