Summer Reading List – Dr. Daniel Coupland

This list is such a great starting point for anyone interested in looking at children’s literature. Thanks to Hillsdale and Dr. Coupland for posting this!

Hillsdale College Student Stories

The Shepherd Psalm (1976) by F. B. Meyer

My dad gave me this short book on Psalm 23 from his own library.  The author, a Brit., was a friend of D. L. Moody, the American evangelist.  The book is giving me an opportunity to look at a well-known (and well-loved) Psalm with fresh eyes.

Praying the Lord’s Prayer (2007) by J. I. Packer

Meyer’s book (see above) got me in the mood to re-examine things I thought I knew well.  Packer’s book seemed like a good way to re-examine the Lord’s Prayer.

On Stories and Other Essays on Literature (1966) by C. S. Lewis

I have read parts of the book, but I have never read it as a whole.  I didn’t think I should let another summer go by without doing so.

Past Watchful Dragons: The Origin, Interpretation, and Appreciation of the Chronicles of Narnia

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