“Because you are young and beautiful and kind…”

Holy cow, guys! This is just a quick post to let you know of something incredibly new, indelibly old, sad, beautiful, happy, gorgeous, all the rest.


Ok, enough caps lock.

I admit, I waited nervously for the start of the movie. Surely, delightful moves can’t also be gems in choreography, scripting, casting, and cinematography! Boy, was I wrong!

After crying, laughing, grinning, and gasping through the almost-two-hours-of-pure-magic, I can honestly say, “I Love this Movie!”

Here’s why.

1. Kenneth Branagh directs it. Shakespearian actor, director, actor, and all-around-child-like person… If you are not sure if you know this person, you might have seen him in this movie and in this movie. If you need convincing, just watch Much Ado About Nothing, starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson. Just wait for the scene with the fountain. It’s pure gold!

2. If you have ever seen a K. Y. Craft illustration, then you have a taste of the cinematography, costuming, and set decor. If you haven’t seen any, THEN GO GET ONE! If you want some good titles, you can find a few shorter reviews here and here.

3. Cate Blanchett – I grew up with her as Galadriel, and no other. She brought incredible power and depth to the character of the Stepmother. While her lines are few, her appearance alone is stunning. As the movie said, “She had known grief. But she wore it beautifully!” And indeed, she does. Her scene with Cinderella just after the ball, when she tries to threaten Cinderella, made me shudder with understanding. If I had experienced the grief and regret, I’m not so sure that I could be kind and courageous like Cinderella. I could easily become hardened and cruel.

4. The dress… the dress… the dress… Here, watch this. Need I say more?

5. And the most important reason… It’s not about being a good, meek, always obedient, never thinking, always dreaming girl. Or about being a duty-bound, heart-struck forgetful prince. No. The command, the challenge, the call is “have courage, and be kind”. Each character comes across this challenge, and responds in a slightly different way. And each person’s depth comes from their response over time, not their petty intrigues, or unempathetic virtue.

After all, as Cinderella says, “Love is free. Kindness is free.”

I’ll post again about the deeper philosophic reasons why adults and children should see and love this movie. But more about that later.

Ok, folks. I’ve said enough. Go see it already!

Have you seen any good movies lately? What did you think of the Cinderella movie? Leave your thoughts below!


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