10 signs you might be a teacher of nerds…

10. Students love the idea of retelling the story of the Tortoise and the Hare all in Latin.

9. In fact, everything is better if it is all done in Latin.

8. Boasting points goes to the kid who can find yet ANOTHER way to solve that tricky math problem…

7. “Do you have any OTHER books by J. R. R. Tolkien?”, is common enough that none of the kids even blink at it.

6. They can tell you the difference between the four different types of narrators, and what sort of stories each is best suited for. And they get upset if you get them confused as the teacher.

5. When asked to fill out a worksheet about a little article that provides practice in finding context clues, main ideas, etc., the kiddos all groan…

4. and ask, “When are we going back to reading REAL books again?”

3. Almost cry when they get back a quiz with a poor grade.

2. Really cry when you tell them that you love them anyways, that the subject is still awesome, and that all this little grade does and show exactly what they need to work on for the next assessment, and that you, as the teacher, failed most tests and assignments and still knows/loves the subject better than the average joe. And so do they.

1. Laugh at nerdy jokes and references as if they honestly can’t think of any more entertaining way to spend their days.

I love my job. 😀


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