“Wind’s in the East…”

I love when the weather changes after winter. I know that most of the world hasn’t seen this event yet in 2015, but I’m just going to proclaim the eventual good news…

It’s warm here in San Antonio! Warm enough to ride bikes, take picnics, ride bikes, take walks, ride bikes, open the windows, and even (wait for it…) ride bikes!

I’m so sorry if this sounds like a mockery. I promise, it isn’t. I have been pining for three years now for real weather changes, and I am finally in the midst of a real (-ish) Spring! The birds wake me up every morning, the sun is just peeking over the horizon as I head in to school, and it isn’t dark before dinner time. Hope is coming, folks! Don’t lose heart!

On another hopeful note, we have submitted our application. We are now in the process of filling in Home Study paper work. We are also looking for a new apartment to live in closer to school that will still provide us with a good place to live, but save us money.

Also, I am thinking of starting an Etsy Shop to sell my crochet and sewing crafts. Does anybody out there have any advice on whether Etsy selling is profitable enough to raise money for an adoption? I’ve sold my crochet items before, so I don’t think it will be a problem on my end. Any thoughts would be great. More thoughts on that one, later, though.

It’s time to be done for the evening. I have a stack of grading, dinner to make, a skirt to sew, a dog to cuddle, and a husband to see… oh, and a bike to ride home. 😀


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